Working with The UK’s most popular TV channels and independent production companies, shooting Scripted Comedy, Drama, Commercials and Documentary, I'm a Director of Photography repped by
Casarotto Ramsay and Associates

I love creating images and telling stories. I’ve been playing around with cameras since an early age, shooting Super 8 at home, VHS at school, 16mm at The Children’s Film Unit on the weekend. Making films was part of growing up.
Working as a runner and clapper loader on music videos and commercials at Partizan Films, straight out of school In the mid 90s, I later became head assistant at the Cruet Company. Since then I've worked on all manner of Television; Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Commercial, Corporate and Branded Content and love to collaborate on new ideas and projects. With an array of experience, I'm just as at home working on a demanding drama set, with a vast cast and crew, as I am shooting documentaries and lighting interviews or product spots. 
I'm lucky enough to work with a very talented, fast and efficient crew who really enjoy being on set as much as I do.


DJI Ronin 2 package available which can be used for Steadicam style shots as well as a remote head on dollys, jibs, vehicles and specialist rigs. This ads a huge amount of production value to your project and is ideal for most industry standard cameras such as Sony Venice, Alexa Mini and RED Gemini.
Contact me for more details or a chat about how I can help on your next project